At some point in our lives, we've played hooky from work or school. Some will choose to seize the day and others will choose to catch up on sleep and make it a lazy day. For the most part, though, we use the excuse of being sick as to why we can't go in. (Shame on anyone who's ever used the "my grandma just died" excuse!) However, this one Florida woman was eager to get out of work she pretended that she was kidnapped!

According to the Panama City News Herald, police spent several hours looking for 43-year-old Beverly Brooks after she made up a ruse to get out of her job as a nightshift nurse assistant. She apparently told a co-worker that her boyfriend was holding her against her will and couldn't return to work. Police later found Brooks and her boyfriend where she then admitted she made the whole thing up because she did not want to go back to work. Both were arrested.

There's no word on whether she was fired or not but can you imagine having to explain to a potential new employer why you were let go from your last job?

Moral of the story, if you're going to call off of work at least come up with something believable... and one that doesn't have to get law enforcement involved. However, I will give her this... she's a Florida resident so I can't say I'm too surprised LOL.

What excuse did you use to get out of work or school?