You've heard the phrase "you can't buy happiness" but as it turns out, you actually can!

A study from the University of British Columbia found that people feel happiness longer when they are given something material/physical rather than an experience.

Metro says:

...when you buy or are given an experience, you experience a strong rush of happiness that then fades once the experience is over.

But when you have physical things, bought or received, the happiness you felt when you first got your hands on them gets brought back every time you use them."

Participants in the research were asked to rate their level of happiness when receiving or buying a gift. People who had received or bought experiences felt more intense happiness at first and the feeling would occasionally come back over the next couple of weeks,

However, people who received or bought a material item felt more constant happiness over the next two weeks.


The gift of experience, such as a concert or a vacation, brings a more intense joy but the material gift has a more lasting effect on someone through use.

Maybe this is something to consider the next time you go shopping for someone or even yourself.