The 18 year old facing a murder charge in the alleged road rage death of William "Andy" McFarland is out of jail.

Christian Hillman, 18, posted bond and was released from the Kent County jail on November 16. The Prosecutor's Office upgraded an assault charge against Hillman to second-degree murder earlier this week following McFarlan's death.

He has yet to be formally arraigned on the murder charge.

McFarlan was allegedly was beaten by Hillman in late September. He passed away September 29, 2016.

Hillman claims that McFarlan grabbed his neck and that he was acting in self defense. Hillman is a former heavyweight boxer.

Following the assault, McFarlan’s neighbor, Richard Blair, told WZZM-13 “Andy, physically, was not in any condition to fight with anybody let alone take on somebody that was much younger.”