With the "big game" this weekend, you can't help but see or hear stories about food and drink to serve, wagers being placed, discussions about who has the better quarterback and so on. There's SO much of that stuff it almost becomes wallpaper and you tune it out.

But I saw something really cool that men and women and boys and girls will find pretty amazing.

It's the Lucas Oil Stadium in LEGO! A 44-year old engineer from Bloomington, Indiana (and an Indianapolis Colts fan) began building the LEGO replica of the stadium in April 2006, when the actual stadium was started. He finished building it in June 2009, when they finished building the actual stadium.

Over 30,000 LEGO pieces and over 1,000 LEGO figurines. There are even video screens airing NFL film clips (they're actually mini DVD players) in the LEGO stadium; he recently added mini Patriots and mini Giants players to make it a Super Bowl XLVI specific replica.

You can see a photo gallery by CLICKING HERE, courtesy of the Indianapolis Star.

And check out the video: