The Central Michigan-Western Michigan rivalry is like many other college football rivalries: it isn't for the meek.

In this Saturday's Battle for the Victory Cannon, Carrington Thompson, wide receiver for Western Michigan, went over the middle to catch a pass from Zach Terrell when he was leveled by a Chippewa defensive back.

No harm, and apparently no foul as the yellow falg was picked up. But man, this hit is brutal and NOT for the feint of heart.

In one of the top replays from this weekend's slate of college action, Thompson took what initially looked like a headshot that messed him up so much that he collapsed while trying to walk to the sidelines…and somehow he still held onto the ball!

Officials reviewed the hit, and somehow it was ruled a clean hit. Perhaps the medical staff might want to give the NCAA their opinion on the matter.

Thompson was removed from the game, and early indications are he'll recover, but I doubt he remembers that catch.