‘Let It Go’ – The Mom Version [Video]
Disney's Frozen has been receiving incredible reviews, and since its release, one of the hit songs from the movie "Let It Go" has been covered a ton of times.
Monday, I shared an Ohio traffic reporter's version, in which he advised drivers "just don't go", and today, I've stumbled…
iPad for babies?
How do you feel about this? Fisher Price has introduced a new bouncy seat for babies that comes complete with a tablet holder.
It's called the  "Apptivity Seat for iPad." So your baby is hanging out in his chair and learning from the apps...
Wait, This Is “Fat-Shaming?”
Caroline Berg Eriksen, wife of soccer player Lars-Kristian Eriksen, posted this photo a few days ago on her Instagram account. You might be thinking, okay she eats clean and works out. What if I told you this photo was snapped just FOUR DAYS after giving birth...
Drinking Alcohol While Breastfeeding: Crossing The Line?
I have to think one of the more annoying things about being a mother would be when someone else gives you unsolicited advice.
“You really should do this." “You’re not doing this or that right." "Blah, blah, blah."
I don’t know how I feel abou…

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