After yesterday's show, my world has changed. Apparently the ladies love a thrifty guy!

Real quick though, before we get into this. Look at the graphic above, what world was that picture taken in? I don't think I've ever gone a first date (or any date for that matter) that's gone that well. I mean, she's feeding him cotton candy in front of a carousel. Somehow I doubt he had a 2 for 1 ticket into that fair!

I have to say I'm impressed. Yesterday during the show, (shameless plug, listen to 95-7 between 3p and 8p), we talked about dating.

More specifically I asked the women of West Michigan to imagine they're on a first date with a guy they hardly know, he goes to pay for dinner and breaks out a 2 for 1 coupon.

I then asked the first thing that comes to mind, and hardly anyone had anything negative to say! To my surprise, one caller even said that's husband material and another awkwardly went on about how it was a pretty big turn on. (Okay?)

Check out some of the comments from Facebook:


Gentlemen, I say we throw out everything we thought we knew about dating.

Ladies, I hope this is an accurate conclusion.

Who wants to hit the Valentines buffet? I have a 'buy one get one!'