Perhaps by now you've seen the video for Britney Spears' new single 'Perfume'. Well, the director of the video says that he has a MUCH better version of it and is hoping that if enough people BEG for it that it will be released.

The video is kind of lack luster and very true to the song. The song is basically about a girl (Britney) who is very concerned that her man is cheating on her with his ex. She sprays her perfume on herself in hopes that some will get on him and the ex will smell it and back off.


However, in an interested development the director of the video is whining on Twitter because he's irritated that the last whole minute of the video was cut out. Joseph Kahn, the director, seem to think that if enough of us whine for it that it would be released.

Britney was photographed with a prop gun on set. Which has led some to believe that she either kills someone or herself.

Kahn was quoted as saying,

"[It's] a minute longer, and there's a very shocking ending.  But, not what you think.  I call it 'Breaking Bad-ney.'"