I love going to boutiques and finding cute scarfs, jewelry and other odds and ends, things that my friends don't have because they are original.  With pinterest being all the rage right now I quickly learned that I don't necessarily need to shop around to find creative awesome pieces to add to my wardrobe, I can make them myself!  Every week I am going to go to pinterest and learn to make something then video it so you can also learn how to make it!

This week I made a t-shirt scarf.  At first I was like, "What the hell is a t-shirt scarf sounds tacky" but after seeing some pictures I was like, "Back up! That is freaking awesome!"  So I made one myself.  If you find yourself home during the day or have a lazy Sunday this is the perfect craft!   All I needed to make this was a t-shirt (I used two so I could have multiple colors) and scissors!  That's all!

Watch the video and make one yourself!  Make sure to let us know how it turns out by finding us on FACEBOOK! I want to see your interpretation of this awesome neck scarf!