For the past few days I have been going crazy trying to figure out how a movie Shazaam doesn't exist.

It all started on Reddit where people have been swearing they remember the family comedy from the '90's starring a genie played by actor/comedian, Sinbad. But apparently such a movie was never made. As most things on social media, it eventually became viral and not only Redditors, but Twitter users, were also going back and forth if they remember the movie or not.

The crazy thing is that you CANT find the movie when you google it. It's not on IMDB, it's not on YouTube... it's nowhere to be found!!

Non-believers are trying to convince us *believers* that we're confusing it with the 1996 movie, Kazaamwhich Shaquille O'Neal played a genie in. But I remember that movie and that's not it! Dammit, I know the difference!

So why not take it straight to the source himself? Sinbad says he NEVER played a genie in a movie called Shazam. WHAT?! How is that possible? He seems to be confused himself.

But this gem looks real. I [think] I remember seeing this cover.

So what? Conspiracy theorists have come to a couple conclusions:

  1. We're creating false memories.
  2. The "Mandela Effect" which suggests another dimension, a parallel universe where a group of people believe something to be true, even though it didn't actually happen. The term comes from multiple people believing Nelson Mandela died while in prison (he actually died in 2013).

Since I came across this conspiracy I asked family, friends, co-workers and they all seem to remember the movie.

We talked about it on air today and I got mixed responses from people. Some people agreed with me and said I wasn't crazy (thanks). Others simply made me feel dumb for believing such a thing.

Whatever it is, I am still convinced Sinbad played a genie in a movie called SHAZAAM! Even though he denies it.

However, he did say that maybe he'll make this so-called movie just to close the subject. Or maybe it's to get people to stop bothering him. Whichever. Just make it happen!

On New Years, he tweeted that he does have some big projects coming in 2017, with a possible Sinbad movie. *Fingers Crossed*