A family loved their tasty Domino's pizza so much that they left a compliment on the Domino's facebook page. Well, Domino's must not be able to accept compliments because they didn't exactly respond in the way you'd think they would.

So, you're excited because it's PIZZA NIGHT! Your tasty oohy-gooey cheesy pizza has arrived fresh and hot! As you eat you think you love it so much that you'd like to pay the pizza place a compliment on their Facebook page. So you write something like "Loved your pizza! So good!"

Well, most pizza places would respond by saying "Thank you" or "Glad to hear that." However, not Domino's.


Domino's actually thought that the people were filing a complaint! Oh no!

Well that's a darn shame. We all love Domino's! They really need to learn to take a compliment once in a while.