We are all aware of the growing problem of obesity in Michigan.  Obesity has been increasing among both children and adults.

A bill recently introduced is aimed at fighting obesity by requiring school districts to offer specific amounts of physical education in elementary and middle schools.

Annarbor.com reports:

The bill would require 30 minutes of physical education at least two days per week for elementary grades and 45 minutes each day for middle school day.

In addition schools would be required to give 60 minutes of health education a week for elementary students and 225 minutes of health education for middle school students over three years.

The bill has a clause stating that the number of students per teacher in physical and health education classes should be at the same rate as other classes.

In 2007, a similar bill failed.

It is hard to argue with the goal of this bill.  Who doesn't want our children to get more physical activity?  But is placing further requirements on school districts the best way to approach the problem?  I favor keeping control at the local level.