Okay Facebook, or should I call you Shadebook? This is not cool.

The Atlantic is reporting that back in 2012 Facebook ran a secret study on about 700,000 of us to see if they could manipulate our emotions.

It's reported that Facebook spent a week in January 2012 showing some people mostly negative posts, while filtering out positive posts. These would be posts coming from friends and family. On the flip side, they would show the other group of people mostly positive posts, and filter out the negative posts.

Facebook then monitored those people to see if it would have any affect on them.

In the end, they found that they couldn't manipulate emotions.

If you're wondering if this is illegal, it's not. Turns out we gave Facebook permission to do this just by being a member.

In the end, my world is not going to collapse because of this, but it does give me another reason to delete my account. HA! Like I'm going to do that.

You can read the full story here.