If you were hoping your neighbors would buy that giant waterslide and throw the block party of the century next summer...it looks like you're out of luck.

The 500 foot waterslide has sold for $9,525 and will be heading to Evart.  It was used on Lyon Street in Grand Rapids last summer during an event organized by Rob Bliss.  According the auction house, the waterslide was built for over $30,000.

SpringHill Camps in Evart purchased the waterslide at yesterday's auction.  The Christian camp hosts about 43,000 kids annually.

Todd Leinberger of SpringHill Camps talked about the waterslide:

It fits our philosophy of providing unique, innovation experiences for children and families, activities that they can't get anywhere else.

They say it will likely be installed on a 500-foot-long hill which is currently used as a launching point for a zipline.  The hill is also used for tubing and snowboarding in the winter.