Errrrrbody in Pre-K's gettin' tipsy! Or not. But, there is a new beer on the market that would probably appeal more to your toddler than it does to you. That's right, Hello Kitty beer is now a thing that exists. 

Now, the makers of this totally adorable beer are claiming that it's not aimed at children. They say that Hello Kitty beer was developed to try and get women in China to start drinking beer.

The beer features a lot of things that women love (according to the people who make it) including a lower alcohol content, and a fruity taste. In fact, they say, it doesn't really taste like you're drinking beer at all (so what's the point?). It comes in a variety of fruit flavors like peach, passion fruit, and banana and only have about half of the alcohol content of your standard American light beer (think Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light). So, you're going to get a sugar buzz before you get an actual buzz.

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