Kidd's Kids was founded in 1991 with the hope of making a difference in the lives of terminally and chronically ill children.  Every year Kidd's Kids offers a chance for the children and families to step away from their illness for five days of joy at Disney World.   Today Kidd Kraddick will be asking for donations from you to help support the Kidd's Kids cause.  Today is your chance to change the lives of a family and a ill child, and today happens only once a year.

Their are several ways you can donate!

  1. You can donate via Google Checkout
  2. You can donate through Kidd's Kids alternate card processor
  3. You can donate $10 by texting KIDD to 52000
  4. You can donate via the Southwest Airlines Kidd's Kids Day Donation Hotline (open 7am - 2pm EST) TODAY ONLY 888-792-5439  (888-SWA-KIDZ)

Take some time out of your day and donate just a few dollars to help these families experience something incredible!