Scrub, the Mississippi kitty decided to live life on the lamb after hurricane Katrina.  Five years later, after roaming 15 miles away and being fed by a stranger, Scrub was returned home by the Humane Society of South Mississippi.  How did they know where Scrub's home was?  Read more...I found this story in the Washington Post.  Jennifer Noble (no relation to our Jerry Noble) told The Sun Herald newspaper,

she was skeptical at first when she received a call from the shelter. But by the end of the first night back, Scrub had snuggled in bed with one of her boys.

Scrub was reunited with owner Jennifer Noble (once again, no relation to our Jerry Noble) by an implanted microchip.  I know someone who would LOVE to implant a microchip in my butt to track me... but that's another story.

I had to pass this story along to all my Channel 957 "cat lovers" out there.  Scrub is one lucky feline with quite a story to tell.  Hmm... only if cats could talk.