Before being a parent and a committed man, 3am car droves were pretty common. Now, not so much. This morning just happened to be one of those occasions.  I remember people telling me of their stories of having to turn on the vacuum, or leave the TV on, or blah blah blah to get their kid to sleep. OK then, what happens when none of that works? You jump in the car an drive around town for a few hours.

Last night was my first experience in doing extra curricular activities to try to get the little one down for the night, and by that, I mean trying some extreme circumstances, and driving around in your pajamas seems like one of those. But at the end of the drive, she was a sleep, so that's a win for me.

In the war of sleepless nights. Little one - 23, Me - 1... I still have a long way to go until I even this race out.