The holiday season is one that brings families together. And if you're in a new relationship, there's a chance that you'll be meeting your significant other's extended family for the first time. Sure, you've probably met his parents, possibly a sibling or two, but you've never chatted it up with his Grandma, or eaten a meal with his weird, possibly inappropriate Uncle Wayne.

So, meeting the family can be a little stressful. What do you wear? Do you bring presents? How do you address them? Mom? Dad? Mr. and Mrs. Boyfriend's Relatives? Who knows?

Glamour, has come to the rescue, though, with a list of "17 Mistakes To Avoid When Meeting His Family". If you abide by these, you'll probably avoid awkward situations like the one that I had when I spent my first holiday with my ex-boyfriend's extended family. I may have dropped an f-bomb during a heated game of "Spoons". In front of his young, and highly religious cousins. Ooops!

Here's some of Glamour's suggestions:

DO NOT bring your cell phone to the dinner table. I know that this is the day and age of people needing to be connected at all times. You may be tempted to live Tweet your experience. Don't. It makes it seem like you're not interested in the people or the conversation going on right in front of you, and won't leave a very good impression.

DON'T drink too much (in fact, maybe you shouldn't drink at all). I understand that a cocktail or two might help to ease the nervousness that you're feeling, but it's generally not a good idea to get completely sloshed in front of his family. Especially when you first meet them. Why? Well, look at the things that people do when they're drunk. They dance, sometimes rather provocatively. They talk loudly, and shouting at his family members probably isn't a good idea. Drunk people also tend to be both emotional and brutally honest. You don't want to accidentally insult his sister's hair cut, or choice in clothing and then end up sobbing in the bathroom by the end of the day. Or throwing up.

DON'T hog his time. He's your boyfriend, he's not there to constantly keep you occupied. Let him go into the other room to watch football with the guys. This gives you a good opportunity to chat up his mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, whatever. It's actually easier for you to make a connection with his family members when you spend some one-on-one time with them.

DON'T show up wearing next to nothing. That dress is probably really cute. To wear to the club. But, his grandmother, aunts, uncles, and the little kids what will most likely be around, do not need to see your ass. Also try and stay away from the low cut shirts. No one needs a wardrobe malfunction while the family is opening presents.

Glamour has several other suggestions, which you should probably brush up on before Christmas dinner. But, I guess the most important DO is to be yourself. There are reasons that he likes you and your family will like you for those reasons, too.