A tech-savvy mom who was sick of her with her kids ignoring her calls has invented an app that makes it harder to ignore calls from parents.

Sharon Standifird helped develop an app called "Ignore No More" which is designed to help parents who are frustrated by their teens never answering their calls or calling them when they say the will. Like pretty much every parent of a teenager on the planet, Standifird was tired of not hearing from her kids when she asked them to call.

Once Standifird decided that there should be an app that would render a kid's phone completely useless until they finally called their parent back, there was only one more thing to do - learn how to develop and app. So she researched it. According to CBS New York:

So after months of design and working with developers, "Ignore No more" was born. With one tap, a list of only parent-selected contacts come up. The child can call, get the password and unlock the phone.


"I'm the person that has the unlock password," Standifird said. "It takes away texting, it takes away the gaming, it takes away calling their friends. The child will always be able to call 911," said Standifird.

If my phone shut down and I couldn't tweet, or check Facebook, or take my turn in Words With Friends, I'd probably have a nervous breakdown. Standifird said that her son now calls her back immediately (I would, too!).

Right now the app is only available for Android (Apple parents, you're just going to have to wait).