Who knew that passing a stone would be as easy as strapping in and going for a ride on Shivering Timbers?

A urologist at Michigan State University discovered that riding a roller coaster helps patients pass kidney stones seventy percent of the time.

I can't say I've ever had a kidney stone, but I have seen people react to passing one. I have to say, the look of pain and terror on their face is not worth it.

Not to mention the doctor visits of ultrasounds sending waves in to break it up and the costs associated with the care. Not sure what would hurt more the passing or the paying.

If I am ever in a situation where I have one, I'm glad the folks at Michigan State have figured out that a quick trip to Michigan Adventure or Cedar Point is all I need when and if the situation arrives. Heck, even a trip to Disney would be cheaper than some of the medical options.

I wonder if I could sweet talk my HR people into letting me use my flex spending to buy tickets to a park.... ahhhhh... probably not.