A little boy in Oklahoma City, OK was recently made to go behind a tree and turn his shirt inside out before he would be allowed to enter school. What about this kid's shirt was so offensive? Well, it was a University of Michigan shirt, of course. What?I really wish I was kidding about this. But no, 5-year-old Cooper Barton was informed that his t-shirt was unacceptable and would have to be turned inside out. And you might think that maybe this was just his teacher's personal preference. And you'd be wrong. Turns out that this is a policy of the Oklahoma City Public School District! No joke.

The policy prohibits "clothing bearing the names or emblems of all professional and collegiate athletic teams (with the exception of Oklahoma colleges and universities.)" and you are probably thinking "well, that has to be an old law". Nope. The policy was enacted in 2005, over a concern about gang violence(?).

Cooper’s parents say they like Wilson Elementary, the school their son attends and where the incident occured, and are not upset with the principal and school administrators for enforcing the dress code. But, the Bartons say they will continue to address the issue with the School Board. Oklahoma City Superintendent Karl Springer has said the district will review the dress code policy.

Since news of this story broke, University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon is reportedly inviting Cooper to a future UM game and is having a special “inside-out” Wolverines shirt made for him.