Last week we talked a lot about ROBLOX, a game that Curtis' daughters and Steve's cousin had been playing.  The game is designed for children and the game itself is perfectly suitable for children and nothing to be concerned about.  The community, however, is something that parents should be concerned about.

Protect Your Eyes is here to help parents learn more about the online games and apps their kids are using.  The website is designed to defend kids from online danger by giving in depth descriptions of popular online apps.  The descriptions dive deep into a variety of aspects of each app.

ROBLOX is listed as a game for children ages 12 and up in the app store, but Protect Your Eyes lists the game as more appropriate for an audience ages 14 and up.  They give this app that rating because of the relatively unrestricted chat feature.  They also warn of possible predators and pornographic material showing up in the app.

So next time your kid finds a new app, even if it's "designed for kids", be sure to do a little research about what you might be able to expect.  Most games are OK on their own, but as soon as it has some sort of online community, things can definitely get inappropriate.