Does anybody in Grand Rapids have a tougher group of critics than Rob Bliss?  Even Mayor George Heartwell must be thankful that his political opponents don't give him as hard of a time as many people give Rob Bliss.  Now that some time has passed since the release of 'Lip Dub' it's time to review.  It's time for Bliss critics to admit:  Rob Bliss was right about Grand Rapids Lip Dub.

I'm glad someone is organizing unique events to bring people together for fun in Grand Rapids.  However, I was a 'Lip Dub' skeptic.  I doubted the impact 'Lip Dub' would have and thought that Bliss was overstating it.  Will 'Lip Dub' directly result in new jobs or cause a population boom for Grand Rapids?  No, but it has had an impact on the way people view Grand Rapids.  3.5 million views on YouTube and multiple positive national interviews and mentions are hard to deny.  Just think of the advertising value.

Love it or not, it's time to admit Grand Rapids Lip Dub was an amazing success.