There's one way to 'go green!'

Jamie and Andy Momber were in downtown Grand Rapids on Thursday night for a concert at Van Andel. Jamie is pregnant, and her due date was May 7th. The couple tell WZZM that since she was overdue, they were hoping the vibrations from the concert would help speed things along.

Well, they did, kind of.

Jamie's started going into labor and she needed to get to the hospital fast. Though, they didn't think this one all the way through because Andy had a few to drink, didn't want to drive, and they really didn't want a $500 ambulance ride.

When they walked out of Van Andel they saw the pedicabs, asked Stephen Knight how fast he could peddle, and had him take them to St. Mary's.

Turns out it was another false labor, but a great story to tell the baby when she comes!