Meet the Weirdest iPhone 5 Fan Out There
Do you ever wonder why some folks will actually wait in line for days for the release of a new product, mainly Apple's iPhone 5? Well, Youtube interview Sam Roberts got to the bottom of at least why one woman had camped out two days for the iPhone, and her reasoning will probably make…
New Smartphone Sex Stats
According to a new survey, your choice of smart phone says a lot about your sex life. Match.com polled more than 1,000 singles and found, among other things, that Android users are more likely to hook up on the first date and partake in one night stands. What do think about that, Android users?!
Bizarre iPhone Case Looks Like a Human Face
These iPhone cases, made to look like the side of a human face, make it appear as if a person isn’t really talking on the telephone. They’re just, you know, hanging out with their hand up to their face doing who knows what. Kind of quirky.
New App Teaches You How To “Get In The Mood”
So, I guess that there really is an app for everything.
Want to see what you'd look like if you got a boob job? There's an app for that!
Want to confess your sins, but just can't find the time to make it to church? There's an app for that, too!
Need to "cure" your homosexual tendencies? Some…
Breast Enhancement iPhone App Now Available
Yes, you read that right. There is, in fact, an app for everything. The iAugment iPhone app, now available in iTunes, allows you to increase the size of your bust in photos.
The app is free, and it's intention is to allow women who are interested in breast enhancement to see …
Smart Phones Track Your Every Move!
If you have an iPhone and love it, would you get rid of it if you knew that all along it has been tracking your every move?!!
Researchers confirmed yesterday that they've discovered secret files on iPhones that track where you have been and without your permission!
Angry Birds Rio Swarms Online App Stores
Get happy, Angry Birds fans: Rovio on Tuesday released the latest edition of the wildly addictive game, titled Angry Birds Rio. The new version is in connection with the upcoming animated movie 'Rio,' which hits theaters on April 15.
In this installment, the Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio…

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