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Prize Money Offered For Idea To Keep Asian Carp From Lake MI
Are you good at coming up with ideas and want to make a little extra money?
The state of Michigan is offering a reward, or “prize” to the person who can come up with an idea for keeping Asian Carp out of Lake Michigan. Asian carp are a very invasive species of fish, which have been threat…
Helpful Hunting Tips from the Michigan DNR
Tuesday, November 15th officially kicks off firearm season in Michigan and whether you're a seasoned hunter or going out for the first time, the Michigan DNR has some reminders for hunters.
The biggest one is you must wear Hunter Orange clothing and it has to be your outermost layer an…
Michigan Ranks In Top 10 For Deer Collisions
Well this isn’t the best list to be in the top 10, but according to State Farm and the Federal Highway Administration Michigan ranks eighth in the country for the most deer collisions making us tied with Wyoming.
According to the latest statistics living in the mitten state we have a 1 in 85 ch…
Michigan DNR Is Looking For More Conservation Officers
Interested in a new career?  Michigan DNR are looking for more conservation officers.
What does a conservation officer for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources do?
First off, they protect the natural resources of the state and ensure recreational safety...
Fish with Human-Like Teeth are Found in Michigan
This is quite disturbing.
The Michigan DNR has confirmed that they have received three different reports of pacu fish. Two were found in St. Clair and another in the Port Huron area.
Pacu fish are found in South America and are known to have teeth that oddly resemble human teeth...
Video Shows Cougar Eating a Deer in The Upper Peninsula
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says recent video of a cougar is one of almost 30 confirmed sightings of the animals in the Upper Peninsula since 2008.
The DNR posted a 60 second video Feb. 19 of the cougar eating a deer carcass in Mackinac County. Two hunters from Remus used a trail cam…