Considering the lack of precipitation The Mitten saw this winter we're not surprised.

In fact, conditions are so bad experts are dubbing this the "Lost Winter" for Michigan and much of the Midwest. This season the Great Lakes saw record-low ice levels as the rest of the state reached record-high temperatures for February.

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The Michigan DNR firefighters say they are already preparing for an early fire season in 2024 and have actually responded to several so far this season and we only just flipped the calendar to March! Adds the DNR,

Following a mild winter and last year’s hot, dry conditions, Michigan DNR firefighters are preparing for an early fire season...and in 2023 they responded to nearly 400 wildfires

When Do You Need a Burn Permit?

Today I learned that in Michigan a burn permit is required for open burning any time the ground is not completely covered by snow.

And considering the winter we just experienced this means you'll need a burn permit more often than not! Says the Michigan DNR,

In southern Lower Peninsula communities, burn permits are issued by local authorities...There’s no cost to get a burn permit, and you don’t need to wait for written notice.

Check a map of weather conditions and find more about current burn bans and permits here.

How to Burn Safely

In addition to monitoring conditions before to check local ordinances before you start burning. The DNR recommends the following guide for practicing safe burning across Michigan:

  • Never ever leave a fire unattended
  • Keep water and a metal shovel nearby for extinguishing
  • Don't burn on a windy day
  • Always make sure the fire is completely extinguished
  • Burning trash, plastic, and electronics is illegal

7 Unsuspecting Items That May Spark Wildfires

With extremely dry conditions across the state, the Michigan DNR is reminding residents of the following everyday items that may accidentally spark a fire.

Gallery Credit: Lauren Gordon

Michigan Firework Laws and Safety Suggestions

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

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