Sabrina Fairchild

April Fool’s Day Comes A Few Days Early! [Video]
Imagine yourself walking into the Michigan lottery headquarters with a winning ticket worth millions ... then imagine the thought of not contributing to the workplace jackpot on the day that everyone got the numbers right!
That's what happened to a New York man who says he didn't feel lucky…
Buble Marries & Inaba Gets Engaged!
I thought spring was in the air, but it's actually l-o-v-e this season!
Prince William just made the world gasp for air when he announced he will not be wearing a wedding ring once he ties the knot with Kate Middleton later this month.
Brad and Angelina took a day to getaway and work on rekindlin…
10 Secrets That Will Bring You Job Security!
Getting a job is a huge accomplishment these days, and keeping the one you have is as important as ever!
I have to say that I really dig it when someone has a ton of experience and is willing to share it, like  Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines -- that publishes my source, Co…
ArtPrize Paints A Profit For Local Economy!
Artists are furiously and frantically preparing his or her work to be displayed during ArtPrize this coming fall.
Okay, maybe I was a bit dramatic, but being an artist involves personality, creativity and timing!  Sometimes nothing comes until the last minute -- but when it does, it's masterful!  Whi…
American Idol Wants You!
Watching American Idol and voting is no longer the only role you and I have with the show.
You can start working with Channel 957 artist, Taio Cruz, to create a song for the May 25th season finale!
Clooney Will Testify In Prostitution Trial!
George Clooney claims it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time!
The actor has been subpoenaed to testify for the defense in the prostitution trial of Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, that starts next week!
Wedding Dress Shopping Tips!
You can't have any regrets on your wedding day so, Channel 957 is going to help you get started in your new life on the right foot!
Click here for wedding dress shopping tips!
8 Hobby Related Jobs!
Not much catches my eye the first thing in the mornin' -- until I saw this amazing career opportunity!
Ever thought you could hold down a full time job just tweeting your friends?  Well, your dream has come true plus, there are a few more creative ideas, if you're thinking about making…
Hotdogs V. Grilled Chicken … Which Is Healthier?
Two things ... According to researchers, hotdogs ARE healthier for you than grilled chicken!  Second, you can not only get a dog at Fifth-Third Ballpark when you catch opening day of the Whitecaps on April 10th, but you can also indulge in a new menu item ... "Chicks with Sticks.&q…
Do You Know ALL Of Your FB Friends?
Again, we find that keeping up with Facebook can sometimes be a seriously stressful hobby, but this time in a way that you may not think!
MSNBC recently took a survey that found that men are more likely to add random people to their list of friends than women.  Complete strangers!
A ‘Grand’ Grand Rapids!
'B' is for billion and that is the kind of dollars that has been built into the fabric of downtown Grand Rapids over the past decade.
Two stand out projects include the most expensive building -- Helen DeVos Children's Hospital -- for a whopping $286 million and the tallest structure -…

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