San Diego

Twins are Born in Different Years [Video]
Twins share a lot of things together, including their birthdays but oddly enough, not these twins.
In a San Diego hospital, a twin brother and sister were born only 3 minutes apart but in different years! Jaelyn Valencia was born at 11:59 p...
Snake Found Where?!?! [Video]
This is why you should always check your toilet before going to the bathroom!
Stephanie Lacsa and Holly Wells noticed the water in their San Diego office's toilet to be higher than usual. So, Lacsa grabbed a toilet plunger to unclog and that is when she noticed a HUGE snake.
San Diego Fireworks Has Epic Fail Caught On Video
Last night in downtown Grand Rapids we enjoyed some nice fireworks brought to you by the good people at Amway. Last night in San Diego, the fireworks were not as beautiful, as they all went off in just a span of 15 seconds or so. Take a look at this epic fail caught on tape in San Diego of a whole 2…