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You’ll Soon Get to Driver Faster on US-131
US-131 will be on of the Michigan freeways where the speed limit is going up.
Earlier this month, Governor Snyder approved a bill that will raise the speed limit on freeways and rural highways around Michigan. US-131, with about 600 miles of other freeways will raise their speeds up to 75mp…
Gov. Snyder Wants Michigan Drivers To Go Faster
We pay higher gas prices, higher insurance rates to drive, so it only makes sense we should also be able to drive faster, right?!
Thursday, Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation that will allow the transportation department to raise the speed limit to 75 mp on about 600 miles of freeways and 65 mph on …
The Consequences Of Driving Over The Speed Limit
Keeping at or below the speed limit is a true art!
I often get upset with myself for going over the limit -- sometimes without thinking and other times because I'm simply late, again!!
So the question is, when you pass a police car at the side of the road, at what speed will he or she likely pull you …