We weren't really sure we wanted to know, but someone figured it out and now we know what the drunkest city in Michigan is.

24/7 Wall Street took a look at the statistics and determined the drunkest city in each of the 50 states. The drunkest city in Michigan is... Monroe.

> Drunkest city: Monroe
> Pct. of MSA adults binge or heavy drinking: 22.9%
> Pct. of state adults binge or heavy drinking: 20.4%
> Pct. of alcohol related driving deaths: 37.9%

Part of the reason for all of the drinking could be Monroe's proximity to Ohio (we'd drink if we lived that close to the Buckeye State, too.) Monroe is located on 14 miles north of Toledo.

At 38%, Monroe's percentage of traffic fatalities involving alcohol is quite a bit higher than the national average of 31% (as of 2014, according to the CDC).

According to Facebook, there is more to do in Monroe than drink, but it does give a list of ten drinking establishments in the town.

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