Face it, anyone with a job at all these days is lucky to have it. However, some have a luckier job than others, but what makes that job lucky? 

In a poll I came across watching TV, it said that the top five factors that contribute to a job being lucky are doing what you love, flexible hours, cool job perks like a car, expense account, free lunches or stuff like that, access to travel, and lastly, just an overall fun place to work like a movie studio, sports arena, or maybe even a radio station.

Some hate going to work everyday, but I guess what they are trying to tell us, is that the people who have an occupation on this list do not. Here is the list of the Top 10 Luckiest Jobs according to the poll

1. Actor, 23.6%
2. Photographer, 12.9%
3. Interior Designer, 9%
4. Artist, 7.7%
5. Film/Stage Director, 6%
6. Head Coach (College), 4.3%
7. Judge, 3.9%
8. Executive Chef, 3.4%
9. Helicopter Pilot, 3.4%
10. Producer, 3%

Now, how many of you are actors? Yeah, my point exactly. And why isn't there any "athletic" profession other than coach on the list? By the way, coaching is barely athletic. I'm sure players like Calvin Johnson and Prince Fielder feel pretty luck with making gazillions of dollars. Do not get me started on the cash they are making, gees, that is a verbal mess I'll leave for another blog. But did the poll miss any? Is your job on the list?