It seems as if these days more and more people are meeting one another on dating sites. I know tons of people who have gone on dates or ended up in a relationship with someone they met online. But it can be hard finding the right one who shares all of your life's desires.

If one of those desires happens to be bacon (and you're single)... Sizzl is the app for you! Brought to you by Oscar Mayer. The app works similar to Tindr to where it matches you to people in your area. If you both "like" each other's profiles you have the ability to chat with one another in a messaging platform.

Rosemary Buffoni/ThinkStock

According to Tech Crunch once you download Sizzl:

...users are thrown into a bacon questionnaire where they are asked to specify such deeply personal preferences as whether they prefer pork or turkey bacon or whether they enjoy their bacon crispy or chewy, in addition to a number of other judgment calls that deeply reflect on their character."

The app is available for download if you're an iPhone user.

You can watch a video of Oscar Mayer promoting their new dating app:

You never know, you could end up "meating" your soulmate because nothing says love like bacon.

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