In a turn of events that the Barry County Sheriff's Department isn't sure they've ever seen, an unsolved robbery case from the 1980s has been solved - sort of- because the thief returned the cash he stole - plus interest.

WOOD-TV8 says that they received a letter on Monday addressed to "Chanel 8 News and Sheriff", in which the former thief explained,

I'm asking for help in locating a man that I owe the money. It was around $800 or so.

Turns out, the sheriff's department received a similar letter along with twelve $100 bills. WOOD-TV contacted the sheriff after reading this line in the note to the station,

I sent some intrist [interest] that's why it's 1200 I sent to the sheriff [sic].

Turns out that he was telling the truth! Authorities were able to contact the man who owned the store (which was known as The Middle Mart back in the 80's and is now called Greg's Groceries) at the time. Turns out he sold the store in 1988, but was happy to hear that the money had been returned.

The Barry Country Sheriff's Department is working on returning the money to the former store owner.