As temps drop tonight below freezing for the first time this season, watching this video is like saying one final goodbye to summer. 

Might want to mute your speakers though ... weird music.

I had a glorious summer going to Lake Michigan numerous times.

From hanging out on the beach with friends, to being silly in the surf with my wife with dollar store boogie boards, to having a lake side picnic with my visiting family and building sand castles with my nephew. What a joy to be so close to the (best) Great Lake.

Not that I've been out there the past month or so, I guess my last trip out was right before summer ended.

I can't imagine being out there when it's snowy. That must be crazy. Well, I have a park pass, I guess I could always go for a road trip and see a snowy beach.

I guess, I need to officially box up our beach gear until next season.