Your kid might be going trick-or-treating tonight...well, here's some things you might want to know.

1.  The average kid's trick-or-treating haul will contain approximately 11,000 CALORIES.  That's the same as about seven days' worth of food for a kid.

2.  More than HALF of parents say kids have to SHARE the candy they get trick-or-treating . . . either with each other, with their parents, with their friends, or all of the above.  78% of parents handle dividing up their kids' candy.

3.  One in 10 people say their house has been pranked on Halloween.  One in 200 people say they've had to call the COPS because of something on Halloween.

4.  Here's some FANTASTIC news.  A study of national crime reports from 30 states between 1997 and 2005 found there's NO increased risk for children when it comes to predators on Halloween.  It's just as safe . . . or risky . . . as any other day.

5.  If you aren't going to eat candy on Halloween, maybe you can use it for art projects?  An artist named Eric Millikin creates pictures of monsters using Halloween candy and they're amazing.  (Check them out here.)

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