Producer Amanda here...I promise this is the ONE AND ONLY TIME I'll do this. But, this weekends episode of 'The Mentalist' is way too important!

This Sunday will mark the end of an era! 'The Mentalist', Patrick Jane will FINALLY come face to face with the real Red John.

At the beginning of the season he had narrowed it down to a list of 7 suspects. Each week we've gradually seen that list become narrowed and it's finally down to two.

Everyone has their own theory...and some even like to believe it's none of the suspects on the list. Obviously, to keep with the Red John story, there will have to be some kind of twist, right? Who knows!?!!?!?!

My money is entirely on the fact that it's NOT.......spoiler ALERT.....Gale Bertram, the guy they're assuming it is as of right now.

I'll definitely be holed up at home Sunday night....and maybe make some Red John cookies.