The Summer Craft Beer Festival may be over, but Grand Rapids is beer city USA, so there's always something beer-related happening.

This morning, the folks from Alaskan Brewing Company came by to visit, tell us about their beers, and let us try some out. 

I'm always a little afraid when trying new beers, but it was great to have Geoff (the owner), and some of the other folks from Alaskan here to tell us about each beer and also tell us a little bit about how Alaskan Brewing works. Turns out, I was drinking glacier water! (How fancy does that sound?) And that Alaskan does things a lot differently than a lot of other breweries.

We tried out their White Ale (my personal favorite), their Hopothermia (which I have to admit, I was intimidated by, but it wasn't overly hoppy at all), their Amber, Free Ride, Icy Bay, and Imperial Red (which had the coolest label, in my opinion.) All of the beers had a different taste, but all were exceptionally good.

You can find Alaskan in bottles at several stores around town including Smitty's and Wonderland Party Store. You can also find Alaskan at many bars around town including Hopcat, Logan's Alley, Derby Station, and more! Just check out their beer finder for the place closest to you!