In Indiana it’s the World’s Biggest Crapper! In Missouri it’s the Fudge Factory in Uranus! And Kentucky has Big Bone Lick State Park! But what is Michigan's Stupidest Landmark?

Well, according to, it's a place I've never heard of before, but now I really want to go there.

With only three weeks ‘til Labor Day, time to plan a last minute summer getaway with this list of the stupidest landmarks in every state.

When I asked our listeners what they thought it was this morning, the most common answer was the stupid Mystery Spot, located near the Mackinaw Bridge in St. Ignace. (I can remember begging my Dad to take us there when I was ten. He said no and when I finally could take myself years later, it was a huge disappointment. Sorry.)

But no, the Stupidest Landmark in Michigan is the National Nun Doll Museum, which is on the grounds of the Cross In The Woods National Shrine in Indian River. As a Catholic school graduate, how could I not known about this place?

According to the Shrine's web site, the museum has the stipulation for having the collection of doll's dressed as nuns is that it will always be free, which is the perfect admission price,a nd their origin comes from a place of faith, I guess.

The Shrine is privileged to be the home for the largest collection of dolls dressed in traditional habits of men and women religious communities in the United States. The inspirational collection has been the sole work of Wally and Sally Rogalski. Starting in 1945 as a young girl, Sally began to dress dolls in traditional habits. Throughout the years Sally wanted to “preserve a bit of the history of the Catholic Church”.


As Sally would dress the dolls, her husband Wally supported her work and assisted in constructing and setting up displays that depicted the work and different ministries of the men’s and women’s communities. For many years, the dolls were kept in their home in Saginaw, Michigan. In 1964 the Rogalski’s donated 230 dolls to the Shrine with the only instruction, “that no admission charge would ever be asked, so that people, rich and poor alike, would be able to see them”.

Now, I kind of want to see it, if just to see the traditional Dominican get up the nuns who taught me at St, Mary Cathedral School wore. Maybe there's a Sister Aloysius doll that is holding a ruler, ready to smack you if you don't get the Algebra equation correct.