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"Glee" Star Cory Monteith is Dead 

Actor CORY MONTEITH . . . who played Finn on "Glee" . . . was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday.  He was only 31 years old.   There's no official word on the cause of death, and police say there were no signs of foul play.  The obvious suspect here is a DRUG OVERDOSE.  Cory spent a month in rehab earlier this year.

The night before his death, Cory was hanging out with friends in his room.  Then they went out, and he returned early Saturday morning by himself.  (You can watch a police press conference here.)

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are Married 

As expected, HALLE BERRY and OLIVIER MARTINEZ got married over the weekend.  The ceremony went down on Saturday at a chateau in France.  About 60 people attended.  There's no word if any celebrities were there.

Jimmy Kimmel Got Married . . . And a Ton of Celebrities Were There 

JIMMY KIMMEL and his girlfriend Molly McNearney got married Saturday at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa near Los Angeles.  This is Jimmy's second marriage.

Check out the list of celebs who were there:  Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard . . .

Pics of the rich and famous...

RIHANNA did some naked sunbathing on a balcony in Monaco. 

(E! Online)

MILEY CYRUS was spotted walking around in a skirt and crop top that had money printed on it. 

(New York Daily News)

MARIAH CAREY performed at a Hurricane Sandy benefit yesterday.  She wore three different outfits . . . with three different matching slings for her dislocated shoulder. 


Kanye West Lashed Out At Another Photographer 

KANYE WEST went off on a photographer at the Los Angeles airport.  He put his hand over the guy's camera and said, quote, "Don't talk to me . . . I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me . . . and don't talk to anyone I know, at all . . . and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows.  Don't talk to themselves, don't talk ever again."

Music and Movie news..

"Grown Ups 2" and "Pacific Rim" Couldn't Take Down "Despicable Me" 

It was a close race at the box office this weekend, with just $6.5 million separating the first and third place movies.  But "Despicable Me 2" took the top spot for the second week in a row, making another $44.8 million.

ADAM SANDLER'S "Grown Ups 2" took 2nd place with $42.5 million.  That's nearly identical to the performance of the first "Grown Ups", which made $40.5 million in 2010.

And "Pacific Rim" came in third with $38.3 million.  The movie reportedly cost $190 million to make . . . more than twice the budget of both "Grown Ups 2" and "Despicable Me 2".  Here are this week's Top 10 movies:

1.  "Despicable Me 2", $44.8 million.  Up to $229 million in its 2nd week.


2.  (NEW)  "Grown Ups 2", $42.5 million. 


3.  (NEW)  "Pacific Rim", $38.3 million.


4.  "The Heat", $14 million.  Up to $112 million in its 3rd week.


5.  "The Lone Ranger", $11.1 million.  Up to $71.1 million in its 2nd week. 


6.  "Monsters University", $10.6 million.  Up to $238 million in its 4th week.


7.  "World War Z", $9.4 million.  Up to $177 million in its 4th week.


8.  "White House Down", $6.2 million.  Up to $63 million in its 3rd week.


9.  "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain", $5 million.  Up to $26.4 million in its 2nd week.


10.  "Man of Steel", $4.8 million.  Up to $281 million in its 5th week.


Will the New James Bond Movie Be Called "Devil May Care"?

The not-always-reliable British tabloids say the title of the next James Bond movie will be "Devil May Care".

Whatever it's called, this will be the 24th Bond flick.  DANIEL CRAIG will play the lead character again, and SAM MENDES will return to direct.  He also did "Skyfall". 

Ian Ziering Says He Hopes "Sharknado" Is His "John Travolta, 'Pulp Fiction' Moment" 

Former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star IAN ZIERING suggests that "Sharknado" could re-launch his career, just like how "Pulp Fiction" brought back JOHN TRAVOLTA.  He also "reports" that experts don't think a REAL "sharknado" is possible (???) . . . and argues that the opening scene is better than "Jaws".

Oprah Has Scored the First Post-Rehab Interview with Lindsay Lohan, and Is Giving Lindsay Her Own Show 

OPRAH WINFREY has scored the FIRST post-rehab interview with LINDSAY LOHAN, who's expected to be a free woman again on July 31st.  The interview will tape sometime next month, and will air shortly afterward on Oprah's OWN network.

Monday TV Reminders:

"God, Guns, and Automobiles" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern on History Channel. 


"Home Run Derby: From New York" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. Eastern on ESPN.  Among the eight hitters slugging it out for the most home runs at Citi Field in New York are David Wright, 2011 champ Robinson Cano, 2012 champ Prince Fielder.


"Softball: All-Star Legends and Celebrity Game" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern on ESPN.  Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and John Franco are scheduled.


"American Ninja Warrior" . . . 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. on NBC.  Contestants include Olympic medalist DeeDee Trotter.


"King & Maxwell" . . . 10:00 to 11:00 P.M. on TNT.  Jerry O'Connell guest stars as a rival private investigator.


"Deon Cole's Black Box" [1st Season Finale] . . . 10:30 to 11:00 P.M. on TBS.


"Watch What Happens:  Live" . . . 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. on Bravo.  "The Real Housewives of Orange County's" Vicki Gunvalson guests.

Early Morning Show Guests:

"The Today Show" - Giuliana and Bill Rancic with their son Duke, plus author Candy Spelling ("Stories from Candyland").  Music Guest:  Mayer Hawthorne.


"Good Morning America" - Kristen Wiig ("Girl Most Likely"), Ryan Seacrest, and June Shannon ("Here Comes Honey Boo Boo").  Music Guests:  Keith Urban and Miley Cyrus.


"CBS This Morning" - Producer Aaron Sorkin (HBO's "The Newsroom") and author Mark Leibovich ("This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral-Plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!-in America's Gilded Capital").

Mid-Morning Show Guests:


"Live! With Kelly and Michael" - Helen Mirren ("Red 2"), Howie Mandel ("America's Got Talent"), and WWF wrestler John Cena.


"The View" - Eric McCormack ("Perception").  Gabrielle Reece co-hosts.


"Rachael Ray" - Buddy Valastro ("Cake Boss").

This Afternoon On TV:


"Kris" [Series Premiere] - Kris Jenner hosts a new talk show centered around fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics.  It's on a six-week test run that airs at 11:00 am in New York and 3:00 p.m. in L.A.  You can listen to her talk about the show here.


She'll have a different co-host every day, which will include Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez, P. Diddy, Nene Leakes, Maria Menounos, and Kathie Lee Gifford

"The Real" [Series Premiere] - Tamera Mowry, "Cheetah Girl" Adrienne Bailon, Toni Braxton's sister Tamar Braxton, comedienne Loni Love, and sexy fashion expert Jeannie Mai host a talk show similar to "The View" and "The Talk". 


"Ellen DeGeneres" - Jessica Simpson ("Fashion Star") and Daytona 500 winner Jimmie Johnson.  (REPEAT)


"The Talk" - LeAnn Rimes and chef Pati Jinich.  Deborah Norville co-hosts.


"Katie Couric" - Jason Patric shares his struggle for parental rights, plus Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Peña and Luis Guzmán ("Turbo").


"Steve Harvey" - Oprah Winfrey and author Rachel DeAlto ("Flirt Fearlessly"), plus Steve gives one lucky couple a $30,000 man-cave makeover.


"Dr. Phil" - "My Ex Is Accused of Murder".  A woman's ex-boyfriend is accused of murder and she blames herself for his actions.


"Dr. Oz Show" - "Dr. Oz's 4-Step Plan to Boost Your Immunity!"  The signs of an immune system on overload and ways to boost the disease-fighting power naturally.


"Wendy Williams" - Roselyn Sanchez ("Devious Maids") and Travis Tritt.

Tonight's Late Night Talk Shows:

"Letterman" - Bruce Willis ("Red 2") and Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.  Music Guest:  Valerie Simpson.



"Jimmy Kimmel" - Armie Hammer ("The Lone Ranger") and Adam Carolla for his book "Not Taco Bell Material".  Music Guest:  Ciara.  (REPEAT)



"The Tonight Show" - Comedian Anthony Jeselnik ("The Jeselnik Offensive") and the "Today Show's" Savannah Guthrie.  Music Guest:  Johnnyswim.



"Craig Ferguson" - Julie Chen ("Big Brother") and comedian Michael Palascak.



"Jimmy Fallon" - Kristen Wiig ("Girl Most Likely") and Nick Cannon ("Wild 'N Out").  Music Guest:  Adam Ant.



"Carson Daly" - Singer Davey Havok and "The Exquisite Corpse Project".  Music Guest:  Kitten.  (REPEAT)



"Conan" - Charlie Day ("Pacific Rim") and Phoenix Mercury women's basketball center Brittney Griner.  Music Guest:  The Neighbourhood.



"Jon Stewart" - Producer Aaron Sorkin (HBO's "The Newsroom").



"The Colbert Report" - Author Jeremy Scahill ("Dirty Wars: The World Is A Battlefield").


"Chelsea Lately" - Jason Derulo.

Stupid news..

A Fox Affiliate Got Pranked, and Reported the Names of the Asiana Pilots as "Sum Ting Wong" and "Bang Ding Ow"

On Friday, San Francisco's Fox affiliate was the victim of an EPIC prank.  An anchorwoman read the names of the Asiana Airlines pilots who crashed . . . but the names included Sum Ting Wong and Bang Ding Ow.  The station apologized and blamed the bad info on the NTSB.

(Los Angeles Times / Gawker / San Francisco Chronicle / Yahoo News / ABC News)


It's Legal to Fire an Employee If She's So Attractive She Makes You Want to Cheat On Your Wife?

:  On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled it was LEGAL for a dentist to FIRE his female assistant, because he was TOO ATTRACTED to her . . . and was thinking about cheating on his wife with her.  They ruled it WASN'T discrimination, since he fired her because of FEELINGS, not gender.

(CNN / Fort Dodge Messenger)

A Woman in New York Tries to Bug Bomb Her Hair Salon . . . and Ends Up Actually Blowing Up the Building

On Thursday afternoon in New York, a woman set up about two dozen BUG BOMBS to get the bugs out of her hair salon.  But it turns out there was a gas leak and she forgot to turn off her pilot light.  So the combo of the gas, fire, and bug bombs turned into an ACTUAL bomb . . . and there was an EXPLOSION.  At least a dozen people were injured.  Three are in critical condition.

(New York Daily News / Gawker / AP)

A Woman Was Gored During the Running of the Bulls . . . Making Her Only the Third Woman in History to Get Injured During the Event

The Running of the Bulls ended yesterday in Pamplona, Spain . . . and a 23-year-old woman is in critical condition after being GORED.  She's only the THIRD woman EVER to be injured during the event . . . at least according to records dating back to 1910.  Fifteen men have died running with the bulls.  If she dies, she'd be the first woman.

(Yahoo News)


A Man in Brazil Is Killed When a Cow Crashes Through His Roof and Crushes Him in His Sleep?

Last Wednesday, a 45-year-old man was sleeping in Brazil when a COW crashed through his roof, landed on him . . . and KILLED him.  The cow had escaped from a farm nearby, climbed a steep hill right next to the guy's roof, and fell onto the house.  And the owner of the cow could be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

(The Telegraph)

A Man Is Relieving Himself When a Snake Crawls Up Through His Toilet and Bites Him on the Junk

On Friday, in Israel, a 35-year-old man was relieving himself when he felt a BURNING SENSATION.  Unfortunately, it wasn't gonorrhea . . . it was a SNAKE that had crawled up through the pipe, into the toilet, and BIT HIS JUNK.  Fortunately the snake wasn't venomous, so he only suffered minor injuries.

(Daily Mail)

The Top Unisex Baby Names of the Year Include Quinn, Charlie, and Elliot

A baby naming website just released a list of the most popular UNISEX names of the year . . . meaning the names that have gone to similar amounts of boys and girls.  The top 10 are Quinn, Rowan, Sawyer, Kai, Avery, Charlie, Emery, Emerson, Elliot, and Finley.


A Cleveland Indians Fan Catches Four Foul Balls in One Game . . . Beating One-in-a-Trillion Odds

Yesterday afternoon, a season ticket holder with the Cleveland Indians caught FOUR foul balls during a game against the Kansas City Royals.  According to ESPN, the odds of one fan catching four foul balls during one Major League Baseball game are about one in ONE TRILLION.

(CBS Sports / Numbers Never Lie)

Celebrities who happen to have a birthday today...

Tristan Wilds - 24  (Dixon Wilson on "90210".)

Taylor Kinney - 32  ("Chicago Fire" stud who's dating Lady Gaga.)

Lana Parrilla - 36  (The evil Queen on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".)

Diane Kruger - 37  ("National Treasure" minx.  She just got her own TV series on FX now called "The Bridge", where she plays a detective trying to catch a serial killer working both sides of the Mexican border.)

SUPERSTAR BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN! - 40  (Started out as a secondary character on "Beverly Hills 90210".  Now one of the HOTTEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD is the mother of his 2nd child.)

Scott Foley - 41  (Noel on "Felicity", Bob Brown on "The Unit", and Henry on "Grey's Anatomy".  You also know him as the idiot who used to be married to "Alias" minx Jennifer Garner but stupidly let her slip away into Ben Affleck's greasy arms.)

Eddie Griffin - 45  ("Undercover Brother".  He crashed a rare Ferrari Enzo worth more than $1 MILLION at a charity racing event for his movie "Redline".)

Adam Savage - 46  (The non-massive mustached host of Mythbusters.)

Jason Bonham - 47  (The son of Led Zeppelin's deceased drummer John Bonham.)

Brigitte Nielsen - 50  (Stallone's gold-digging Amazon ex . . . who's now best known for loving herself some Flavor Flav on "The Surreal Life 3" and the spinoff, "Strange Love".  But she got tired of Flav, and married some Italian bartender in July of 2006.)


Superstar Forest Whitaker - 52  (Oscar winner for "The Last King of Scotland".  Some of his other films are "Platoon", "Phone Booth", "Panic Room", "The Crying Game" and "Battlefield Earth".)

Kim Alexis - 53  (Monistat-1 supermodel.)

SUPERSTAR WILLIE AAMES! - 53  ("Eight Is Enough" AND "Charles in Charge"!)

Joe Satriani - 57  (Guitar god who may or may not have been ripped off by Coldplay.  He's now in Chickenfoot with Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith.  He also taught Metallica's Kirk Hammett how to play.)  (True.)

Marky Ramone - 57 . . . or 61, depending on who you ask . . . (The Ramones' drummer.  He replaced Tommy Ramone, who is now the only original member of the band left alive.  Everyone EXCEPT the drummers died way too young.  It's Spinal Tap in reverse!)

Terry O'Quinn - 61  (He was both John Locke AND the Smoke Monster on "Lost".  DON'T TELL HIM WHAT HE CAN'T DO!)  (Before that, he played the title character in of one of the great '80s horror flicks, "The Stepfather".)

Jesse "The Anus" Ventura - 62

Arianna Huffington - 63  (Greek liberal behind the Huffington Post.)


The Sultan of Brunei - 67  (He's worth $40 BILLION.  He set the "Guinness" world record with 200 Rolls-Royces in his garage.  He also changed Brunei's constitution to make himself infallible . . . that's incapable of error . . . under Bruneian law.)

SUPERSTAR JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT! - 69  (Stringfellow Hawke on "Air Wolf".  Also used to be a big fan of the Bolivian Marching Powder.)

SUPERSTAR KEN KERCHEVAL! - 78  (Cliff Barnes on "Dallas".)

SUPERSTAR ALEX KARRAS! - Would have been 78 - (1935 - 2012)  (Ex-football player AND George on "Webster".)

Countdown to Upcoming Events

• 3 days to San Diego's Comic-Con

• 11 days until "The Wolverine"

• 46 days until Labor Day Weekend

• 66 days to Talk Like a Pirate Day

• 1,285 days left of "Hope and Change"

Back in the day...

73 years ago . . . in 1940 - The TALLEST MAN IN HISTORY, Robert Wadlow, died at age 32.  At his death, he stood 8 FEET, 11 INCHES tall, and weighed nearly 500 POUNDS.  When he was in kindergarten, Robert was 5-foot-6.  By the time he was 18, he was 8-foot-4 and wore SIZE 37 SHOES.



25 years ago . . . in 1988 - The first "Die Hard" was released.  It spawned four sequels.



22 years ago . . . in 1991 - BURT CONVY (the "Cannonball Run" SUPERSTAR, who also later hosted the GREAT game show "Win, Lose Or Draw") died of a brain tumor at age 57.



21 years ago . . . in 1992 - Arkansas Governor BILL CLINTON nailed the Democratic presidential nomination at the party's convention in New York . . . then he probably nailed a young interning chubby.



21 years ago . . . in 1992 - PJP-2 (Pope John Paul the Second) underwent colon and gallbladder surgery.  Doctors removed a 3-inch benign tumor from the Pope's pooper.



19 years ago . . . in 1994 - HULK HOGAN admitted under oath in a New York courtroom that he did more than "eat his vitamins and say his prayers" to get his "22-inch Pythons"!  In other words, Hogan admitted that he had used steroids between the years of 1976 and 1989 to, quote, "get big".


17 years ago . . . in 1996 - THE SULTAN OF BRUNEI threw himself a small, intimate party for his 50th birthday.  Total cost:  $27 MILLION.  That included $16 million for three concerts by MICHAEL JACKSON.



16 years ago . . . in 1997 - GIANNI VERSACE was shot to death outside his home in Miami.  The gay man believed to be the gunman . . . (suspected serial killer Andrew Cunanan) . . . was found dead eight days later.



7 years ago . . . in 2006 - AVRIL LAVIGNE married Sum 41 singer DERYCK WHIBLEY.  They're divorced now, and Avril is married to the very sexy Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.



Two years ago . . . in 2011 - JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY announced they were splitting up after seven years of marriage.