Looks like the British are even crazier than I previously thought.

Get this: there's this couple Antony and Terri Smith, in the UK, that were having a jolly old time one night out at a pub. Terri, according to The Guardian, had about five pints of beer and was feeling "merry". No one's really sure how much Antony had.

When the couple got home, they decided to sit down and watch some TV and eat Chinese takeout. The story still sounds pretty normal, right? Nope! Here's where it gets crazy.

So, Terri (who apparently is one of those girls who cries when drunk), the wife, is sitting there, all buzzed and what-not, and starts thinking about her marriage to good, old Antony. She says she then became overwhelmed with emotion while thinking about their rocky marriage and decided, "You know what I should probably do? Flip over this coffee table and then break that 7' mirror on the wall over his head!" And that's exactly what she did!

Well, obviously Antony was not a huge fan of such behavior, nor being hit over the head (though reports say that the only injury he sustained was a cut on his finger). So, what's the logical thing to do? Obviously it's to zap your wife five times in the stomach with a stun gun that you bought on your last trip to Spain!

I didn't know that the UK had rednecks! I thought this kind of thing only happened in backwoods trailer parks in Alabama! Turns out, crazy rage-filled people with illegal weapons are every where.

Terri Smith was arrested the night of the incident, but has since been released, and does not face any charges.

Antony denies assaulting his wife, and that case is continuing.