Western Michigan could be 13-0 after this weekend's MAC championship game and Navy could be 10-2 if they win the AAC. Both are in contention to go to the Cotton Bowl.

So why not just have them play each other in the Cotton Bowl and settle the issue on the field?

Because College Football has made itself WAY too complex.

Seriously, when you read about all the possible Bowl lineups and playoff positioning, it makes your brain hurt. Don't believe me? Read this piece on the machinations behind Navy getting into the Cotton Bowl and explain it to me like I'm a five year old.

It says people are hoping Navy loses! How un-American is that?

Ronald Martinez/Getty

College Football used to be fun and simple, now it's weird and complex.

How complex?

If Navy defeats Temple in the American Athletic Conference championship on Saturday, the Cotton Bowl committee would then have to wait until the annual Army-Navy game the following week. Which would delay teams like Western Michigan, who's playing for the Mid American Conference championship tonight from getting that bid.

Why? Because the bowl committee only has granted only one major bowl spot for the so-called 'Group of Five' conferences.

Why? Because of money. The lesser conferences don't pay off as well as the Power Five Conferences do, so the Power Five get prime spots saved for them in the big New Year's Day Bowl games.

So instead of just looking at the teams on paper and saying 'Navy and Western are closely matched, let's have them play each other in a Bowl game,' they're forced to make a decision and kick one of them out of a major bowl game.

And if you look at the Cotton Bowl's recent history, there's a lot of teams with 4 and 5 losses playing in it, which makes for less attractive games.

The whole process makes no damn sense and seems intended to just grease the palms of everybody but the players. It's a weird system we've created.

Bottom line? GO WESTERN, every less than Power Five school is rooting for you!! You never know, maybe the Broncos will get matched with Michigan in the Cotton Bowl. now THAT would be cool.