The 90's was a very interesting time in board gaming history.  As video games became more and more popular, board game manufacturers tried to compete by taking their board games to the next level.  Three dimensional boards, electronics built directly into the game, and wild fast action were some of the tactics they used to raise interest in board games.

Some of the games actually turned out to be pretty cool, while others just left you asking "what the heck is this!?"

  • 1

    Electronic Mall Madness

    Release Date: 1990

    This 90's classic had you trying to complete your shopping list while getting into shenanigans at the mall!  Nothing's more fun than competitive shopping!

  • 2

    Electronic Dream Phone

    Release Date: 1991

    A dreamy boy likes you, but you don't know who he is!  What is a girl to do?  Well, how about call all of his friends for clues about your mystery man's appearance and interests?  Electronic Dream Phone is THE ultimate 90's fictional dating game!

  • 3

    Eat at Ralph's

    Release Date: 1992

    Nothing screams "FUN!" like force feeding a man all sorts of food until he vomits!  Eat at Ralph's was a pretty unique 90's game that had players stuff cardboard cutouts of food into a mans mouth.  But don't stuff in too much or else he'll Ralph it up!  Haha, get it?  Ralph?

  • 4

    Goosebumps Terror in the Graveyard

    Release Date: 1995

    Goosebumps is a 90's kid's jam!  The books, the shows, the movie, the board game...  All amazing!  If you didn't know that Goosebumps had a board game, you are missing out.

  • 5

    Mr. Bucket

    Release Date: 1992

    The lyrics to the commercial jingle are all you need to know about this game... "I'm Mr. Bucket, toss your balls in my top; I'm Mr. Bucket, out of my mouth they will pop; I'm Mr. Bucket, we're all gonna run; I'm Mr. Bucket, buckets of fun! I'm Mr. Bucket, balls pop out of my mouth; I'm Mr. Bucket, a ball is what I'm about; I'm Mr. Bucket, we're all gonna run; I'm Mr. Bucket, buckets of fun!"

  • 6

    Girl Talk

    Release Date: 1988

    OK, so this game wasn't technically released in the 90's, but it totally fits in with the rest of these games.  Girl Talk was basically a new version of Truth or Dare, but with very G Rated questions and dares.

  • 7

    Don’t Wake Daddy

    Release Date: 1992

    What the heck is up with Daddy?  Why do the kids have to sneak around the house?  These questions are never really answered in this game, all we know is that if Dad wakes up, he's pissed and you lose.  This Daddy guy seems like a real jerk!

  • 8

    13 Dead End Drive

    Release Date: 1993

    13 Dead End Drive is an interesting take on the game of Clue, but instead of searching for the killer, you are the killer.  The object of the game is to murder everyone else in the house and be the last person alive.  The hardest part of this game is probably setting up the 3D board.

  • 9

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    Release Date: 1990

    Who wants to be a princess!?  In this awesome 90's game, you travel around the board collecting jewelry until you have the complete set.  After that all you have to do is get the crown and you will earn the title of Pretty Pretty Princess!  Yayyyy!!

  • 10


    Release Date: 1990

    Splat! is the board game that brings Play-Doh into the mix.  You create little bug tokens out of the Play-Doh and then travel around the board squishing your opponents and trying to avoid getting squashed yourself.  The problem with this game is that your Play-Doh would eventually dry out and get mixed with different colors causing a big mess.  Splat!

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