Valentine's Day is right around the corner.


You are probably stressing out over what to buy for your significant other or any loved ones.

Here are a few Michigan-themed Valentine's Day gifts to help you start your gift shopping.

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Simple Yet Effective

Flowers can be given on any day of the year. However, it is especially romantic to receive some on Valentine's Day.

You can get a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Posh Petals on Bridge Street.

Posh Petals is allowing Valentine's Day Pre-Orders right now.

Lover of Scents

If your significant other loves to smell good, especially if they would love their own signature scent, I have the perfect gift idea for you.

The Aroma Labs in Downtown Grand Rapids can help you make the perfect signature scent for your lover or any loved one.

My mother is a scent lover. She does not leave the house without her earrings and a spritz (or two) of perfume. I took my mother to The Aroma Labs as a fun bonding experience and she loved it.

If you want to make it an experience rather than making the scent yourself, you can book an appointment.

Lover of Something Sweet

If your significant other loves something sweet, I have the perfect option for you as well.

Nothing Bundt Cakes is the perfect place to get a yummy, sweet, and decadent cake that is the perfect sweet treat for V-Day.

Cute For Long Distance Lovers

If your loved one is not in the same state as you, you may want to get this sentimental gift that will surely make them smile.

Mignon and Mignon Store via Amazon
Mignon and Mignon Store via Amazon

You can use this necklace and place whatever state you and your loved one live in.

Now you both have each other with you always.

Love On The Kids Too

Just because Valentine's Day is considered a day to celebrate the love you have for a significant other, you can also show love to other people that day too.

Marianne Richmond via Amazon
Marianne Richmond via Amazon

If you want to get your little ones something special for Valentine's Day with a Michigan touch, you may like this.

I Love My Michigan Valentine is a cute board book that will have your favorite little one very excited.

"Based on the bestselling book, I Love You Marianne Richmond, I Love My Michigan Valentine celebrates a parent's love for their child by comparing it to the many special places in the Great Lakes State. Perfect for those looking for kids' Valentine's Day activities and unique Michigan books for kids!"

Michigan Themed Valentine Cards To Give Your Loved One

Let's go back to the days when we were kids and do something romantic for the ones we love, while also staying local.

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