Don't let Curtis' tales of swimming in rough water give a false sense of security.  When you see red flags flying along the beaches of Lake Michigan, be careful!  Just this weekend, the U.S. Coast Guard had to rescue 10 people who were swept into the water from off piers, including one incident in Grand Haven.

Due to extremely windy weather this weekend, the large waves on Lake Michigan proved to be quite dangerous to beach goers.  Most of the 10 people who had to be rescued said that they were on piers taking photos when large waves came crashing down and knocked them into the water.

The Coast Guard also warns that many rescues have been made this season because of people not respecting the weather while paddle boating, kayaking, and canoeing.  Be aware that these watercraft are easily capsized in rough waters.

Waters are expected to be rough again this week because of the warm weather and officials are reminding you to bring a life jacket with you if you plan to be on the water.  For more information about the weather conditions on Lake Michigan, you can always check the National Weather Service's website.