Do you know someone about to start college?  It’s a big change.  You’re on your own, making friends, a new level of education and taking care of yourself.  Fortunately, Youtuber Katherout has put out a great video to get college freshmen prepared for the start of school.

She emphasizes how busy you’ll be the first month trying to figure everything out, so she breaks down a few things to do before and just after school starts.

Here’s her advice:

  • Do some “light” social media research – she admits this is a bit controversial, but check out others that are currently in college, as well as different groups so you know a bit more about the people and activities on campus
  • Develop your exercise regimen before school starts – she advises getting into a workout routine so it’s a bit more normal part of your day when things get busier.
  • Read up on the classes offered – make sure you don’t get a class that wastes your time and money when it’s time to register for classes.
  • Research clubs and organizations on campus – usually there’s an “Involvement Fair” the first few weeks. By researching ahead of time, you’ll know what you want to join or at least find out more about during the involvement fair.
  • Find out what’s fun to do in your college town – research what’s cool to do, whether it’s touristy or informative. Also find different pages and blogs for the town so you’ll know what to do on the weekend.  Also plan to make friends with people on your dorm floor so you’ll have someone to hang with
  • Use or a similar app to track your finances - You’re on your own, life is changing... it helps to have something tracking your finances so you’re not making that embarrassing call home for more money too many times.
  • Spend time with your parents – Times change from high school to college, this means so do your relationships. Find out what kind of people your parents are.. They’ve been there done that.   Get to know them.
  • Do some DIY projects with long-distance friends - your friends will start spreading out around the country. Take time to have something that each of you will remember  your time together
  • Don’t buy college apparel at first - you’ll get a lot of free shirts during the first few months. You can also wait until the bookstores have big sales (which are usually at the end of the semester.)  Don’t forget, you’re also making new friends, maybe one will work at the bookstore and you can use their discount.
  • Take a personality test – Myer-Briggs and the Enneagram Test are good personality tests to take. It will tell you if you’ve more extrovert or introvert.. if you like details or big picture.. if you’re spontaneous or detail oriented.. really just who you are.  The first couple of weeks you won’t have time to figure out how to sell yourself. You’ll also learn how what makes the different people you’ll meet tick and if you want to be friends or steer clear.