Workers building Ford's office building of the future have found something very old. And they're not alone.

Two members of the crew helping to turn Detroit's century-old Michigan Central Station into a modern innovation hub came across an old Stroh's bottle with a message inside hidden behind a cornice high on a wall, according to ClickOnDetroit.

The bottle is stamped with the date 7-19-1913, which coincides with the original construction of the building that had been abandoned in 1988. Written on the rolled-up paper inside appears to be the message "Dan Hogan and Leo Smith stuck this greeting of Chicago July 1913."

“I’m surprised there is still writing on it just due to the fact that all the water has run through this building,” Nielsen told News4. “I’m just surprised they can trace one of the workers from there with records of that time period.”

“If there wasn’t anything, it would have been disappointing,” said project manager Rich Bardelli. “It’s exciting that we maybe can go try and find maybe family members.”

The original Stroh's brewery was located across the city from the Corktown-area station in east Detroit and closed in 1985. It was demolished the following year. The bottle is one of more than 200 artifacts that have been found at the site, but the only one with a message.

The building is the site of the old Michigan Central Railroad offices and a station for trains arriving and leaving Detroit.

Other items found reflect its history, like train tickets, shoes the may have fallen out of luggage, magazines read to past the time, and even an old baseball.

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