Tailgate season is one of the best times of year. Beer, grilling, football, friends... how can you go wrong? You can't really, other than a warm beer or a cold hand. Well, now you can drink in style and comfort with 11 of the best beer koozies for tailgating!

  • Beer Prescription Koozie

    9 out of 10 doctors recommend it. Did I mention that 9 out of these 10 doctors are Irish?

    What is the old saying...? Oh yeah, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Well, now your doctor can tell you to "Take one can by mouth, repeat until intoxicated." I'd say this is much better advice than an apple a day.

  • Handgun Koozie

    Because when drinking in public isn't bad enough, you can add a fake gun into the mix.

    Scare your friends, intimidate the police, and just look like a general badass with your brand new handgun koozie! It's the most fun you'll have waving a gun around while intoxicated.

  • Hide A Can Soda Covers

    We don't condone drinking while walking down the street! But if you have to...

    The perfect way to keep your alcoholism low key. You don't want people in your business and they don't have to be anymore! Fool your friends, co-workers, family, and police! (Note: Please don't fool your friends, co-workers, family, and police.)

  • Brewski Belt - Beer Koozie Holder

    Walking around with a six pack at a tailgate is for chumps! Pick up 2 of these and you can Rambo your way through a 12 pack, and look badass while you do it!

    It's a hands-free tailgate when you have 1/2 a case strapped across your chest! A friend of mine rocks this out at every MSU tailgate (GO GREEN!) You can either use these beers to keep you loaded all morning, or if you are feeling generous you have a belt of friend making devices at your disposal.

  • Big Fist Beer Koozie

    Destroy your friends puny little fist bump action with your BIG FIST KOOZIE!

    Not only does this koozie keep your entire hand warm for cold tailgates, but it also gives you license to have impromptu drunken boxing matches! Who doesn't love two drunken idiots punching each other?

  • 40oz Bottle Suit

    Slummin' it has never been so easy!

    Not everyone enjoys the warm second half of a 40oz beer. So, for those of you who still want the high class feel of a paper bag 40, you can now pick up the 40oz bottle suit for your 12oz beers. Oh how convenient life has become.

  • Duff Beer Koozie

    %22Duffman never dies, only the actors who play him! Oh yeah!%22 - Duffman

    When listing 11 of the coolest koozies you can buy, one must be sure to include the Duff Beer koozie. Who doesn't want to look like Homer when enjoying a frosty beer? And, when drinking out of a Duff beer koozie, who can honestly say that you might have a problem? In the immortal words of Duffman "Duffman is thrusting in the general direction of the problem!"

  • Toilet Koozie

    Start with your face in the toilet and end with your face in the toilet... that's what I always say!

    Some people might find this a little off-putting, but those people probably have never taken a ride on the blackout express. Most tailgaters realize that their is a good chance that they will end their morning/afternoon/evening praying to the porcelain messiah.

  • Got MILF? Koozie

    If you are drinking out of this koozie, chances are the only set of sweater puppies you will be touching tonight are attached to your can.

    I wouldn't recommend this for the single guy. It's more of a "Hey, I am in a committed relationship and looking for another way to make my wife/girlfriend uncomfortable in a public setting." That being said, it still would kick ass at a tailgate even if you are single.

  • Red Cup Drink Koozie

    Don't be jealous of other people's keg beer. Your beer has the style of the Red Solo Cup, but doesn't have the %22gets warm in 5 minutes%22 problem.

    Bring back your college days with a Red Solo Cup koozie. Relive all those times you passed out in a parking lot of a frat house and woke up chalk-lined in Solo Cups. I know it doesn't have the luster of the toilet koozie, but it still gets the job done.

  • Beer Bottle Koozie Mini Kilt

    Because if it's not Scottish... It's Crap!

    This has to be one of the coolest koozie ideas ever. A guy on ebay can make you a koozie with your family's tartan. A common Scottish pastime is drinking heavily, and now you can do it while supporting your clan!