Rember a few years back when there was a wave of trashy reality shows that came on tv? It brought so much drama and excitement into the world, where did they go?! Many of those little gems came to us compliments of Vh1, they had a real string going for awhile there, but other notable mentions include: The Simple Life, and Rob & Big. has supplied us with the following list:

1.  "Rock of Love", with Bret Michaels

2.  "Flavor of Love", with Flavor Flav

 3.  "The Surreal Life"

 4.  "Rob & Big", with Rob Drydek and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin

 5.  "Daisy of Love", with "Rock of Love" runner-up Daisy De La Hoya

 6.  "Beauty and the Geek"

 7.  "Bug Juice"

 8.  "Charm School", with cast-offs from "Rock of Love" and "Flavor of Love"

 9.  "Trading Spaces"

 10.  "Kid Nation"

 11.  "Ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show"

 12.  "Making the Band", with Diddy

 13.  "Tool Academy"

 14.  "Celebrity Fit Club"

 15.  "I Love Money", also with contestants from the various VH1 "Love" shows

 16.  "The Simple Life", with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

 17.  "Newlyweds:  Nick and Jessica", with the former couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

Uggh, it's so rediculous..we just can't stop watching!!